"The word of God draws each of us into a conversation with the Lord: the God who speaks teaches us how to speak to Him."
Pope Benedict XVI (Verbum Domini, 24)

Dr. Smith is Associate Professor of Sacred Scripture at Mount St. Mary's Seminary (Emmitsburg, MD), one of the oldest, largest and most respected Catholic seminaries in the United States, and has been there since 2008. The Mount prepares men for holy orders and diocesan priesthood in dioceses across the United States. "It is an awesome privilege and responsibility," Dr. Smith says.

Dr. Smith and his wife (married in 2001) have two beautiful children and live in Pennsylvania near "The Mount," where the entire family is very involved in welcoming tomorrow's priests.

Dr. Smith earned a Ph.D. (Summa Cum Laude) from Loyola University of Chicago, specializing in New Testament and Early Christianity. He and his wife are "re-verts," having been raised Catholic, then spending some years in Evangelical "mega-churches" (Willow Creek, Illinois) before returning to the Catholic Church in 2000. Both Steve and Elizabeth earned M.A.'s at Wheaton College Graduate School, one of the most respected and rigorous evangelical universities in the U.S. (the "evangelical Harvard"). They have a lot of passion and interest in "Catholics returning home" - while retaining tremendous respect for what they gleaned from their spiritual journey.

Dr. Smith is a busy guy! When not in the classroom at the Mount, or at home with the family, he travels across the country, speaking at numerous events, both small and large. "I just love seeing people's eyes light up when something clicks, and they 'get' something new about God and the Bible," he says. His favorite topics are: "just about anything having to do with Scripture," especially Jesus and the Gospels. But he has spoken numerous times on topics ranging from the OT to the Trinity ... to marriage and family ... and Pope Benedict.

He published The Word of the Lord: 7 Essential Principles for Catholic Scripture Study in 2012. "I'm just so thrilled that the book is now available," he says. "It's been a labor of love getting it out there." In it, Dr. Smith explains, simply and clearly, principles that all Catholics need for reading, studying, even praying Scripture. "These are the nuts 'n' bolts," he says, "things that we all need to be on the right track." All seven principles are rooted in the Church's teachings: inspiration, Scripture and Tradition, OT & NT, the canon, etc. "When I travel, so many people ask me for books that are solidly Catholic, practical, that show us how to have confidence when reading Scripture. I believe Word of the Lord does a pretty good job, all in one place." He adds, "I'm grateful for its reception - having Scott Hahn write the Forward means a lot. And I'm so appreciative of Cardinal George's kind words." Order your copy today.

Currently, Dr. Smith is working on a new project, The Face of the Lord.

If you'd like to Invite Dr. Smith to your city / parish to speak about The Word of the Lord or another topic, you can find more information here.

Steven C. Smith is a proud member of the elite Catholic Speakers Organization, CMG Booking.